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For sale 2000 watts harley citycoco electric scooter big wheel

Cena: 350 eur

Objavljen: 21.06.2020

Pregleda: 729

Poslao/la: motocentrousaltd


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For Sale 2000 watts Harley Citycoco electric scooter Big wheel

If you are in the market for a high quality, powerful, durable, affordable, and fast electric scooter; supported by the best customer service and parts availability….

then look no further!

Technical specifications:

1. Overall dimensions: 175x75x77 cm.

2nd wheelbase: 130 cm.

3. Seat height: 70 cm.

4. Weight of the bike: 55 kg.

5. Tires: 18x9.5-8 (225/55 R8).

6. Max. Load: 150 kg.

7. Maximum speed: max ~ 35 km/h. (Depends on the weight of the driver, the place and the slope of the road).

8. Maximum distance: up to 90 km. (Depends on the speed, weight of the driver, the place and the slope of the road).


1. Power lithium cell.

2. 32 aH

3. 60 V.

Motor 2000 W.

Charging time about 6-9 hours.

Available for 2 adults or 2 children.

Speedometer +

Front light +

Stop light +

Shock absorber +

Mirror +

Disc brakes +

Turn signal +

We can deliver anywhere in the World

Contact on WhatsApp: +14848419285

Contact Person: Rayhan Mikhail

Write to Email:


Company: Moto Centro USA LTD

Note: Serious And Interested Buyers Only.